Transparency (EITI)


In December 2013, the Fleurette Group became a Supporting Member of the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative). The EITI is a global coalition of governments, companies and civil society co-operating to improve transparency over the revenues from natural resources. The EITI maintains the EITI Standard which ensures full disclosure of taxes and other payments made by oil, gas and mining companies to governments. These payments are disclosed in an annual EITI Report. 

Since becoming an EITI supporter, Fleurette is pleased to see that the DRC is once again recognized as a full member of the EITI. As an “EITI Supporting Company” operating in a country implementing the EITI, the Fleurette Group is required to disclose how much it pays to the government in tax.

The Fleurette Group believes in the principles that promote good tax governance, accountability, and transparency, and we are committed to delivering on these principles inside our business.

We fully support EITI and promote the values that characterize it: responsible stewardship of natural resources; transparency on money transfers between businesses and host nations and a commitment to accountability.



The Fleurette Group’s position on bribery is clear: We do not condone, tolerate or authorize the payment, request or receipt of bribes. International and applicable Dutch and Gibraltar legislation prohibits bribery and associated criminal offences, and violations carry severe penalties for directors, companies, employees and officers.

We expect all our employees, advisors, consultants and business partners to share our values, to uphold our firm stance against bribery and corruption and to be guided by the robust principles we have adopted to safeguard these virtues.

All Fleurette Group employees and associates have a responsibility to ensure that they are not involved in corruption of any kind - whether in our dealings with private counterparties or in the public sector. The discovery of any breach may lead to criminal investigation and internal investigation, the termination of business relationships; and loss of employment for those involved.

Our anti-corruption policy prohibits acceptance of bribes or other conduct that raises concerns or conflicts of interest in our hiring process.

Environmental Responsibility


The Fleurette Group takes its responsibilities in safeguarding local environments very seriously and we are committed to minimizing as much as possible the environmentally detrimental effects of its operations – such as pollution and harm to local ecosystems.

Extractive industries have an unavoidable impact on the environment, local ecosystems and communities – however, through proactive action we can aim to minimize these impacts.

As such, Fleurette Group subsidiaries conduct regular environmental audits, and companies associated with the Fleurette Group have their environmental performance regularly reviewed by the board of directors.

The Fleurette Group is committed to continual improvement in environmental performance.

We take our responsibilities in safeguarding local environments very seriously.

We strive ensure the highest standards of health and safety for people across all our operations.

Health & Safety


The Fleurette Group complies with all relevant safety laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate, ensuring the highest standards of health and safety for people across all our operations.

The Fleurette Group ensures its subsidiaries employees’ safety and protection by investing in training and proper equipment, and mandates that all employees participate in risk management trainings ensuring knowledge of how to follow safety best practices at all times.

We expect and require our partners, contractors, and suppliers to share our Health & Safety principles and ensure compliance to the highest requirements.  

Employee Development 


The Fleurette Group strives to provide improve employees within our business and subsidiaries with opportunities for developing their leadership skills and technical capabilities.

We value the diversity of our people and aim to treat everyone with respect. We employ people based on the requirements of the job and strive to reflect the diversity of the surrounding community.

Our employment policy strives to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate.