Our business principles


1 - Strongly anti-corruption:  Fleurette believes that honesty, accountability, and integrity are essential values of the Fleurette Group, and as such these should be reflected in all our activities. Bribery or corruption of any kind threatens a company, its business, its prospects, the futures of those who work for it, as well as the communities the company operates in.

2 - Partnerships: Invest in the country, and the country will invest in you. When investing in infrastructure and community go above and beyond; be proactive.

3 - In it for the long-term:  it’s the only way to succeed.

4 - Be brave: investment leads to further investment, but it takes a brave company to invest first; prepared to take measured risks.

5 - Fully engaged in the DRC: Involved in every level - with the people, with the towns, with the leaders with the country.  Some companies sit outside the DRC and invest. Some, like the Fleurette Group, with offices in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi - are actually operating on the ground in the DRC and are intimately involved with the country


We’re in the DRC for the long-term – it’s the only way of ensuring success.

Being the first to invest and taking measured risks involves a certain kind of bravery.