Local development


Many communities in the DRC are still in need of basic services like clean drinking water, electrical power, and rural roads. Therefore, building and repairing infrastructure in the DRC is a top priority for the Fleurette Group.

The Fleurette Group is actively involved in constructing and refurbishing roads, bridges, airports, hospitals, and schools, and implementing electrification and water purification projects. We work side by side with local communities to identify new projects and ensure communities are kept up to date with progress.

Recent Development Projects in DRC

  • Feasibility Study for the refurbishment of the Budana Power Plant with the aim to double its power delivery capacity.
  • Construction of a new school in Torges, (Ituri) for an amount of $250,000.
  • Rehabilitation of the road from Watsa to Moku-Beverendi project, the main transport artery to Kisangani.

    Budana Power Plant refurbishment


    New school in Torges


    Road Rehabilitation