In DRC, responsibly

  • 50+
    programs & projects

    funded in DRC 

  • $10M+
    invested in local projects


Since our inception, we’ve invested tens of millions of dollars in social welfare & infrastructure projects.

Every company involved in the extractive industries has a special responsibility to contribute to local development, and the Fleurette Group is proud to play its part.

Mining projects are long-term investments that depend on the lifetime of each mine, which is typically estimated to be around 20 to 30 years. That range, however, does not include the time it takes to develop imperative groundwork resources underlying the potential success of the mine and its surrounding communities. Therefore, aside from the necessary infrastructure built because of the mines – such as roads, electricity supply, and an established water supply used by both the mines and by local populations – many of the Fleurette Group’s operations and relevant projects also have social and community obligations, including medical infrastructure and the training of future employees.

In addition, the Fleurette Group believes in doing more, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Through our on-going support of the Gertler Family Foundation, we’ve contributed to funding more than 50 programs and projects across the DRC – bringing hope and much needed medical, education and social help to tens of thousands of Congolese every year. 

"Through our ventures, we provide much-needed revenues for basic public services, such as schools, roads and health clinics"