The Gertler Family Foundation Mission

The Gertler Family Foundation (GFF), an initiative which is fully supported by the Gertler Family Trust is committed to helping address the needs of vulnerable areas of the Congolese population. Since its inception in 2004, the GFF has invested about $120 Million in health, agriculture, education, infrastructure development, emergency, cultural and other projects in Kinshasa, Katanga, Kasaï-Oriental, Maniema, Orientale and Sud Kivu provinces and elsewhere throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Dan Gertler is the co-founder of the GFF, one of the largest foundations in the DRC. Mr. Gertler, who is also a senior advisor to the Fleurette Group, and his family are determined to actively contribute to social development throughout the DRC, which is reflected in the GFF’s commitment to develop communities for a brighter future.

[GFF] is really a big help and
relief for all of us and the
children. You cannot leave a
child behind. To Mr. Gertler,
to the Foundation, thank you
very much. Together we
contribute to life. Dr. Hugo Rios
Pediatrician, Kimbondo Hospital

Working with Others

Through the hospitals, health clinics, farms, schools, homes and more the GFF has built and the medicine, food, clothing, clean water and other assistance the GFF has provided, the GFF has helped change the lives of countless Congolese living in major cities and remote villages with limited access to basic health care services, children and adults born with facial deformities, inter-city children born HIV positive, youth and adults living with HIV-AIDS, orphans, the disabled, families stricken by natural disasters, and so many others.