Our Investments

The DRC currently has an estimated $24 trillion in untapped raw mineral deposits, including about half of the world’s cobalt reserves. In addition to cobalt, the country contains globally significant amounts of copper, gold, tantalum, tin, and iron ore – each of which has application in a wide range of fields. By working to extract a variety of these natural resources, we believe we can help the DRC achieve its immense potential, and enrich the lives of the Congolese people.

Copper & Cobalt

The Fleurette Group is in partnership with Glencore in the recently merged Mutanda Mining and Kansuki mining projects; Mutanda and Kansuki are adjacent copper-cobalt mines in Katanga Province. Fleurette also holds a minority state in Katanga Mining Limited, a large-scale copper-cobalt project with substantial high-grade mineral reserves and integrated metallurgical operations in Katanga Province.

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On May 5, 2010, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Caprikat Ltd and Foxwhelp Ltd — subsidiaries of the Fleurette Group — signed a Production Sharing Contract (“PSC”) relevant to oil exploration and production in Blocks I and II of the Albertine Graben.

Our Plan


Société Minière de Moku-Beverendi (SMB) Sprl has concluded the first phase of exploration of Moku-Beverendi, a major gold prospect.

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According to the International Food Policy Research Institute, about 70 percent of the DRC population lacks access to an adequate food supply. Further, the World Health Organization has declared that the rate of chronic malnutrition in the country to be ‘critical’ among children under five. Those two organizations also noted that in sub-Saharan Africa, GDP growth generated by agriculture is by far the most effective route to reducing poverty — 11 times more so than GDP growth in any other sector. Kitoko can be a solution to the DRC’s problems of malnutrition and food security while at the same time lifting the farm’s workers out of poverty. With social, agricultural, educational and financial components, Kitoko is a pioneering project for private investment in international food security efforts in Africa. It is designed to be commercially viable, environmentally sustainable, and easily adaptable to other communities in Africa and the developing world.

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