Kitoko Food Farm

MAKING AGRICULTURE SUSTAINABLE IN DRC../../business-projects/_nbsp.css;

Created by the Fleurette Group in 2012, Kitoko Food Farm is a first-of-its-kind venture which is aiming to prove sustainable food production can be commercially viable in the DRC. Combining cutting-edge technologies and proven agricultural practices, Kitoko Food Farm gives Congolese farmers tools and skills to become self-sufficient in food production.

  • 70%../../business-projects/_nbsp.css;
    of DRC’s citizens
    lack adequate food supply

Food Security in DRC

Food Security in DRC

70% of the DRC’s citizens lack access to an adequate food supply (International Food Policy Research Institute) and chronic malnutrition among children under five is critical (WHO).../../business-projects/_nbsp.css;


Today, the Kitoko Food Farm supplies local markets, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants with high-quality produce at prices significantly lower than food imports../../business-projects/_nbsp.css;through its warehouse located in Kinshasa. . We are planning on rolling-out the Kitoko Food Farm model to DRC's other provinces including the future looking creation of an Agricultural academy.

Kitoko Food Farms prove sustainable food production can be commercially viable in the DRC


Kitoko is led by renowned agronomists Max Muland, and Eric Mpongo, who combined have several decades of agricultural experience on the African continent. Kitoko employs the latest and most innovative irrigation, ferti-gation, fertilization and soil analysis techniques.

Thanks to advances in irrigation technology and fertilization techniques — and combined with the favorable Congolese climate — the Kitoko Food Farm is projected to have 2-4 full harvest yields each calendar year, which will have a significant impact on local food supplies and prices.

When adopted as a model for the nation, Kitoko will play an important role in bringing food security to the DRC.


Kitoko operates in a cooperative kibbutz-style system, in which community residents tend to and benefit from the farm, ensuring maximum support and sustainability. The farm, which currently employs up to 100 Congolese workers, is producing tons of peppers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and other vegetables, supplying local markets with fresh, high-quality produce at prices significantly lower than the cost of imported food.../../business-projects/_nbsp.css;

Kitoko’s employees and managers will plant, grow and harvest using the latest in agricultural technology and farming intelligence, creating the foundation for a new Agriculture Research and Development Center producing vital local knowledge provided to farming ventures throughout the country. As the number of Kitoko-trained farmers multiply and sprout their own fresh food farms, Kitoko’s effect on the DRC’s food security will expand exponentially.