About Us

Our Story

The Fleurette Group is an entrepreneurial business with significant investment in diverse sectors including natural resources, agriculture and technology. Fleurette’s investments and operations are primarily focused in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). We have a proven track record of co-operation with other businesses, including the DRC state-owned mining company Gécamines.

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Corporate Governance

The Fleurette Group believes that basic core values of respect and honesty, mutually beneficial relationships and responsibility towards people, society and the environment is paramount in business. Fleurette seeks to make a positive social impact in every area the Fleurette Group works in, respecting the rights and acknowledging the aspirations and concerns of each community while working hand-in-hand with them.

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Corporate Structure

The Fleurette Properties Ltd and the Fleurette Group are Dutch-resident group of companies whose primary activities are exploration, development and operation of mining assets in Africa. Fleurette Properties Limited, the parent company of the Fleurette Group, which is ultimately owned by Line Trust Corporation Limited strictly and solely in its capacity as trustees of the Ashdale Settlement, a trust established in 2006 for the benefit of the family of Dan Gertler.

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Corporate Leadership Story

The Fleurette Group is comprised of various businesses organized under Fleurette Properties Limited, a company established in 2006 for the benefit of the Gertler Family Trust. Recently, the Fleurette Group established a corporate advisory board of highly respected global leaders to ensure that we continue to conduct our business in accordance with international law.

Eles Dobronsky serves as Chairman of the Board of Fleurette Properties Limited; James Levy CBE QC and Rob Drieduite also serve as directors to the Fleurette Properties Limited.

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